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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Unable to see the pictures on Websites..

Some times you cannot see the pictures on websites. You will see  Red "X" in the place of Pictures on websites. Follow the simple fix for it.

1. All the thing you need to do is download the Registry file and Merge it in the Registry on your PC.

2. Click here to download the registry fix zip file.

3. Extract the files "pngasso_xp.reg", "pngasso_Vista.reg" and "png_fix_w7.reg" to your desktop.

4. For Windows XP -- >> Right click on pngasso_xp.reg >> Click on Merge

5. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 -- >> Right click on  pngasso_Vista.reg >> Click on Merge >> Click "Yes" >> Click "Continue", if prompted.

6. Restart the computer.


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