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Monday, 10 March 2014

How to uninstall programs that are not getting uninstalled..

When you are trying to uninstall a program, you might get windows installer pop up or any other error and the uninstallation will get cancelled. Don't worry, you can remove them with few uninstalling tools. here you can see a best tool to remove the programs from your computer permanently. It is called IObit uninstaller.

1. Download the IObit uninstaller from "TOOLS DOWNLOADS" section.

2. Run the IObit uninstaller.

3. Select the option "Batch Uninstall".

4.  You can select the multiple programs at a time and uninstall them.

5. Once the normal uninstalltion completed or failed, you will get "Powerful Scan" option.

6. Click on "Powerful Scan" button.
7. Then click on "Select All" option
8. Click on "Delete All"


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