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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Having Trouble with connecting to Wireless Network?

Are you facing issues with connecting to the Wireless Network from your computer? 
There are many reasons for that, you can follow the below steps and fix the wireless connectivity issues.

1. Check the wireless light status on your Router or Wireless modem.

2. If the Wireless light is glowing, then you are getting Wireless Connectivity. Now, you need to check with the PC settings and Services.

3. For Windows XP --> Click on Start >> Click on Run >> Type "services.msc" without the quotes in the Run box >> Press Enter key
4. Scroll down to the end of the Services page >> Right Click on the "Wireless Zero Configuration" Service >> Click on "Properties" >> Change the "Startup Type" to "Automatic" >> Click on "Start" button >> Click on OK.

For Windows Vista/7 or 8 ---> Click on Start >> Type "Services.msc" without the quotes in the "Search bar" >> Press Enter key

5. Make sure that the services "Network Connections", "Network List Service" and "WLAN AutoConfig" are running and set to "Automatic". 

6. You can go to the "Properties" of each service and change the Status and Startup Type.

7. Click on Start >> Type "Control" without the quotes in the Search bar and press Enter key.

8. Click on "Network and Internet" >> Click on "Manage Wireless Networks" >> Delete all the Wireless Networks from the list except your wireless network. If you can create your wireless network again, you can delete all the networks and create your network again.

9. Restart the computer and you should be able to connect to the Wireless now.


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