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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

NTLDR Missing Errors and PC won't boot on Windows XP..

There are many reasons for NTLDR Missing errors. Most common reason is, either the Master Boot Record was corrupt or any Floppy drive or external drive connected to the PC.

How to fix NTLDR errors:

1. First thing is, check if you have any Floppy drive or External drive connected to the PC.

2. Disconnect all the External drives and Floppy drive.

3. Restart the PC. If you are still getting error message, go to next steps

4. Repair the "boot.ini" file by entering in to the Windows Recovery Console.

5. If you still getting the same error, go to next steps.

6. We need to restore the NTLDR and Ntdetect.com files from Windows XP CD.

7 . Go to the Windows Recovery Console Screen

8. On the Recovery Console mode  >> Type "Copy d:\i386\ntldr c:\" without the quotes >> Press Enter key.

9. Type "Copy d:\i386\ntdetect.com" without the quotes >> Press Enter key.

In the above command "d:\" means your CD drive letter. Usually it will be "D". If it is different on your PC, then you need to give the correct letter according to your CD drive letter on your PC. "c:\" means your "C" drive on the PC.

10. If you get any message "Over write the file" for above two commands >> Press Y

11. Remove the Windows XP CD >> Type "Exit" on the Recovery Console Screen >> Press Enter key.

12. Restart the PC.
If you are still getting the error, go to next steps:

13. We need to Repair the Master Boot Record.
Click here  to know how to repair Master Boot Record in Windows XP

14. Update the BIOS Version   

15. It should be fixed with any of the above instructions.


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