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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to change First boot device to Hard drive or CD/DVD drive

Some times you might have to change the Boot Order to Hard drive or CD/DVD drive. If you are having any issues with booting the computer or Slow booting, then you need to set the Hard drive as the first boot device. Or If you want boot the computer from a CD/DVD to install/Repair the Operating System or to run a boot scan for virus with a bootable antivirus disc.

Follow these steps:

1. When you start the PC, you will see a screen that says Press F2 to Enter Setup or something that includes the word "SETUP".

2. Usually it would the F2 or Del key, if they are not working try the F10 key.

3. Restart the computer

4. You will see a screen that says "Press Del to Enter Setup" OR F2 to Enter the Setup within few seconds after the PC turned ON.

5. Press the appropriate key continuously to enter in to the BIOS settings screen.

6. Once you enter in to the BIOS settings, you cannot use the mouse.

7. Use the Arrow keys on your key board change the settings.

8. Look for an option that says "Boot Setting Configuration" or "Advanced BIOS Features" or "First Boot Device" or "Boot" etc. You will see the word "Boot" in that option.

9. You can change the First Boot Device to hard disk by using the "Arrow keys" or "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys

10. Press "F10" key to Save and Exit.


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