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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Printer not printing..

If you are unable to print from your PC, follow the below simple steps. It will fix most of the printing issues.

For USB connected printer

1. Disconnect the printer from the PC.

2. Unplug the printer power cable and plug in back.

3. Restart the PC also.

4. Connect the printer to the PC.

5. Check with printing now. It should work fine.

If it is not working, follow the below steps.

1. Disconnect the printer from the PC.

2. For Windows XP -- > Click on Start >> Click on "Printers and Faxes"

For Windows Vista,7 and 8 --> Press "Windows key + R" at once >> Type "control printers" without the quotes on the Run box >> Press Enter key

3. Right click on your printer icon >> Click on "Delete" or "Remove device" option.

4. Restart the PC.

5. Connect the printer to the PC.

6. Go to the Printers window again. (Follow the 2 step)

7. Click on Add a Printer.

8. If you are using a USB printer, click on "Add a Local printer"

9. Select a local port >> Click "Next"

10. Select your Printer make and model number

11. Click "Next"

12. It will install the drivers for the Printer.

13. If you are using Wireless Printer -- > Click on "Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer"

14. Select your printer >> Click Next

15. Click "Finish"

It should work fine now.


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